The Gift of Slowing Down and Surrendering to What Is – An Opportunity to Go Inward and Evolve

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The Gift of Slowing Down and Surrendering to What Is – An Opportunity to Go Inward and Evolve

by | Apr 19, 2020 | Attention, Emotions at home, Parenting | 0 comments


Hi, How are you? How are your kids? How was your Easter?

Hopefully, if you’ve been still working, Easter came as a bit of a relief and time to slow down and regroup with your family.

Now, you may be back to work, but the kids are on holiday –hopefully that brings some reprieve of the stress of homeschooling too.

Hopefully you’re surrendering a bit more now to the situation we’re in, and maybe sinking into the slowing down of life a little.

And the opportunity this slowing down brings us is something I want to talk about today.

As you know now, I, and all the parents and teachers who are joining me, are interested in turning this situation around, and instead of focusing on just surviving through it, looking at how we can thrive because of it.

We are focused on coming out of this crisis stronger, more resilient and emotionally intelligent, more evolved, more conscious than we were before.

For Ourselves and our Kids


So I’d love to encourage you this week to use this slowing down and settling in to this unknown situation as an opportunity to start observing yourself on a deeper level to that that you habitually do when you’re caught up in a busy life, rushing around from here to there.

We all have blind spots – those fears and worries and beliefs that no longer serve us, unconscious programmes running that hold us back from thriving more in our life, being the best version of ourselves, and the best version of the parent we want to be.

And typically we live in such a world of being so busy, that we don’t spend time looking at those things. In fact when they do pop up, we are usually quick to cover them up with some distraction –It’s easy to push them to the side, bury or drown them out somehow during our busy lives…

But imagine if, now that we’re being forced into isolation, that some of those aspects of you were now staring you straight in the face, seeping out of you at unexpected moments, laid out in front of you for you to have to deal with…

As some of the distractions are taken away from us… are any of you finding that as you slow down, you’re starting to notice those things you’ve been busy keeping at bay?

You may be becoming more aware of your triggers…or being faced with worries or concerns or fears popping up that you didn’t even know you had?

Perhaps you’re noticing that you’re always caught up in planning the future, things that are going to happen, instead of just really sinking down and into the present moment in front of you…

Perhaps as you hang out with your children more, you’re having flashbacks to things that happened when you were a child….

If you’re interested in evolving, becoming a better version of yourself, moving towards thriving more in your life, then these are the very things we embrace:

Conditions in which we’re uncomfortable. Emotions, memories, and thoughts coming up that we’re not used to. Catching yourself reacting in a way that throws you off guard.

The first step of evolving into a better, more thriving version of You, is Self Awareness.

Without knowing where you are currently at in terms of emotional reactions, healthy thinking, patterns of behaviour, how can you start to evolve?..


So now that you’ve hopefully began slowing down a little, I encourage you this week to start noticing You as much as possible.

Treat it as a little science project.

Just watch yourself with interested, non judgemental observation.

How do you react to your kids and how does that change when you’re tired / overwhelmed / trying to do something else?

How do you react to your partner?

How do you communicate?

How are you feeling during the day?

Is there a low grade knot in your stomach, or are you truly embracing this time and feeling full of joy?

Try and notice how you are throughout the day, as much as possible, but a good rule of thumb is to start first thing, when you wake up in the morning. How do you feel?

That should give you a clue about your habitual emotional state.

And at lunchtime, stop and ask, how are you going? How are you feeling? What kind of thoughts have you been having all morning?

And then again before you sleep. As you’re in bed, end of the day, check in with yourself and observe how you’re feeling.

Starting to check in with yourself and being honest with your own thoughts and feelings is a great way to start using this time to get to know yourself a little better, and have the basis to work with to move towards a more thriving, evolved version of you – for yourself and for your kids…


So, parents and teachers, we’ll be meeting tonight, Sunday 8pm Sydney time, 11am UK time.

Our meeting space is turning into a beautiful safe place to be able to show up in as yourself, in that moment, with whatever challenges you’re facing and whatever emotions you’re carrying, and be seen, heard, and felt with compassion and no judgment.

The purpose of these meetings is to maintain the mental and emotional health of ourselves and our children. We’re all in this together.

So see some of you tonight. Join us if you can, message me for the zoom link if you need it, Have a great week

Big love



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