Returning to School, and a free SEI online Platform

by | May 17, 2020 | Children, Emotions at home, Emotions at school, Parenting | 0 comments

Returning to School, and a free SEI online Platform

by | May 17, 2020 | Children, Emotions at home, Emotions at school, Parenting | 0 comments

Hi! How are you? How are your kids?.

Some of you I know are getting a bit fed up of being in lockdown now…I’m thinking particularly of you in UK, Europe and in the US. And some of us luckier ones – those of us in Aus included, are now starting to return to school – from last week, most of us for 1 day.

So how is it? And how are your kids? How are you finding it? I’d love to know.

I know for many of us there’s a lot of mixed emotions. It’s kind of another in-between, continually changing, time –a bit at school but mostly still at home, not quite one or the other now…It’s another transition that can again be quite unsettling.

And it’s a time to stay close to our kids and use our skills and tools to help them with their emotional intelligence, in order that they can understand, and express, and process their emotions and thoughts during this transition time.

And to helping them build resilience to be able to take the uncertain, the unknown and continually changing, in their stride.

As we’ve continually talked about. Its an amazing opportunity to build these skills that will set them up for life..

Now apart from all the wonderful tools we’re learning in our Sunday eve sessions, I want to tell you about another amazing resource that just might be useful to you during this transition time – or any time!

It’s the Lifeskills online platform –Lifeskills Go. This is such an amazing online tool for your kids, and you! They can work independently, or with you, you can decide what they learn, and see their progress. It’s super fun, the kids love it, they work with characters and help them work through dilemmas, or life, and learn the skills of SEI along the way.

As you know I do a lot of work with Lifeskills –we are teaching SEI to schools around Aus and now NZ – coming up to 1000 schools – that’s a lot of kids, teachers and parents we’re able to reach. And the online platform has been something that’s utilized in schools only, until this lockdown.

Lifeskills went into overdrive to make the platform accessible and usable for parents at home too – and now it is.

So, I’m so extremely grateful to Lifeskills for this effort and gift to the world AND they are offering it free for 30days!! Which is incredible! I mean, for what you get with the platform, It’s extremely affordable anyway, as you’ll see when you take a look.

But now its free for 30days so I urge you to get it! Even if it’s just for 30days it will help you and your children through these weird transitional times, and give them the skills to thrive in life. It’s a no brainer, its free. Grab it while you can!

See you tonight, we will be meeting 8pm Sydney time, join us if you want to join a group of parents passionate about maintaining our childrens mental and emotional health. PM me for the zoom link if you need it.

Let me know how you’re going with the phased return to school, or not! let me know how you are and how your children are, what you need and how I can help.

Lots of love,




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