It’s Friday. Congratulations, you’ve got through another week! How was it, how are you?

Now, I care about you all, but this is specifically for parents.

If you’re a parent, I’m talking to you. I’m reaching out to you. Im asking, genuinely, and I want to know, genuinely,

How are you?

I’m asking because I care about you, and I’m also asking because I care about your kids. Our future. How are they? And how are you?

My work has ground to a halt. I have no schools to go in to. I’m not able to reach the teachers and parents and kids that I usually do face to face to talk about emotional wellbeing and brain health, which seems particularly cruel as there’s really never been a better time to be talking about how we’re maintaining our mental health and managing all of these emotions that are inevitably coming up right now, has there?

I mean, on top of us managing all of this, the day to day changes, the disruptions to our lives, the fears, the uncertainties, we’re also being thrown into social isolation in a way that the world has never experienced before. So, as we are becoming more socially isolated physically, we need to be increasing our social connection online. We need each other now. More than ever before.

We’re in this together.

One thing this virus is showing us that that we’re all connected. And we’re all being touched by this. To a greater or lesser degree. None of us are exempt from the effects of this. And none of us are exempt from our very human emotional reactions, including fear, overwhelm, anxiety, grief….

These are unprecedented, uncertain times, and I want you to remember that whatever you’re feeling, it’s ok.

So how are you? Really? And how are your children?

We cant control the situation outside of us right now and so there’s never been a better time to practice taking control of what’s going on inside us. Reclaiming our power, and being careful not to slip into being a victim of our external circumstances. Because that’s a slippery slope. And our children need us now more than ever to show them what we’ve got, who we can be, how we can rise to this and deal with it emotionally. We need to show them that we can transcend fearful emotions and create different stories.

Our children need us now. So, Who are you going to be for them?

I feel so strongly about this being a time when we need to come together to process and maintain a healthy mental attitude and disposition, that I’m coming out of my safe haven and little bubble and getting on social media! Those of you who know me know that this too is unprecedented!!

And I’m doing this to invite you to join me and a community, in order that we can connect and come together to help one-another maintain healthy minds, for ourselves and for our children, the next generation.

So, please join me on a zoom call this Sunday evening at 8pm, Sydney Aus time, 9am Sunday morning UK time.

Lets connect, lets support one-another through this. For ourselves, and for our children. They deserve to have the tools to thrive, no matter what the world throws at them. You and I need to lead the way with teaching them those skills right now.

So I hope you’ll join me. Shoot me through a DM with your email address and ill send you out the zoom link. Have a great weekend, find something to be grateful for, its not hard right now –to be grateful for life..love on one another and help one another out.

See you Sunday.




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