Finding Peace amidst the chaos and turbulent Emotions

by | Apr 12, 2020 | Attention, Emotions at home, Emotions at school, Emotions at work, Outlook, Resilience | 0 comments

Finding Peace amidst the chaos and turbulent Emotions

by | Apr 12, 2020 | Attention, Emotions at home, Emotions at school, Emotions at work, Outlook, Resilience | 0 comments

Hi! Happy Easter! How are you? How are your kids? How was your week?

I’m a little late posting this today –We’ve just got back from an easter Sunday bike ride!

But I wanted to make sure I jump on to say, we are on tonight! Any parents interested in not just surviving these crazy times but turning our attention to thriving because of them –you’re welcome to join us, 8pm Sydney time this evening. Sunday -11am UK time Easter Sunday –bring your chocolates!

Here’s what Im noticing this week – 

we’re all still processing this and how it’s effecting us, at our own pace.

And I think the range of emotions and the wild oscillating from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other is still very much with us!

We all seem to have moments of really, deeply feeling the sadness of all those affected, the dead, the families of those, the horrendous way in which this is physically separating us from loved ones, in some situations in the hours they need us the most……

or we realise how this is affecting people in different situations to us –those kids who’s safe place is at school, not home….how this could be affecting those in not so great domestic situations…

those who have lost businesses and livelihood…

there’s a lot, as we know…and those emotions that come up around it all are real and its ok to feel them..

And then we seem to all be having those moments where we sink into the present moment and surrender to all that is out-with our control and concentrate on those things we can control.

Our selves, our inner states, our families around us, and perhaps we even have those moments where we realise we actually have a far wider-reaching effect into the world with our thoughts and emotions……..

and in those moments we feel acceptance, peace, maybe even gratitude or joy in moments where we realise we don’t have the rush or stress of the commute to work anymore and we can work with the bottom half still in PJs.…or we have fun hanging out with our kids and realise how much we haven’t just hung out and BEEN with them without an agenda or somewhere to go, for a while…or when we are able to go out in nature, we’re noticing the beauty around us much more…we appreciate the fresh air and the deep breaths…the smiles shared with safely distanced passer-bys on our daily walks out……toilet paper!! How good is that. Instead of choc this year I actually got 20rolls of toilet paper. We haven’t had that in a few weeks!! 

So, my point today is simply this:

If you’re managing more of the inner peaceful moments, positive emotions than you are of the negative, or overwhelming or anxious ones, you’re doing well!

Congratulate yourself and carry on upping that ratio this next week!

If you’re finding it hard to get out of the negative, overwhelming moments, then I would love to suggest you now consciously try to balance that out a bit more this week.

Actively seek out those moments, no matter how small, where you can feel peace.

Turn off the media –the situation’s not going to change much in a week –we know what we can and cant do now,, and someone’ll tell you if it does….try instead to find those moments of peace, maybe even gratitude or happiness, and savour them. Take them in, notice that you’re there and expand those moments out!

So, have a great week ahead. See some of you this evening 8pm. Message me if you haven’t got the zoom link.

Lots of love,






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